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Short for ‘priority system,’ priosys® is an easy-to-learn communication framework that helps you identify other people’s priorities and behaviors, so that everyone can communicate more effectively.

Priorities drive behavior

priosys® is a communication tool that enables better communication with more people more of the time. In today’s busy and integrated world, effective communication is key for anyone’s success. We all realize we are built differently, but once you understand what motivates your colleagues, you can engage them in a way that breaks through and achieves the outcomes you are seeking.

Mastered quickly and focused on the real world, priosys is different from “popular” personality and psychological tools. Based on a scale of four simple priority systems, priosys enables you to understand other’s priorities, and migrate to their comfort zones.

What are your priorities? Do you know your colleague’s?


Based on the priority of


priosys helps normalize passion, impulse and individuality.


Based on the priority of


priosys helps make sense of things that don’t make sense.


Based on the priority of


priosys helps alleviate pressure, dissonance, and favoritism.


Based on the priority of


priosys helps remove the obstacles that get in the way.

Hey there...

How many times have you believed you were putting your best foot forward only to have it stomped on? The world is chaotic enough without being confused and confounded by people in your life. Here’s what people tell me and here’s what I know...

  • priosys creates rapport on demand
  • priosys avoids stereotyping; it is non judgemental
  • priosys bridges diversity gaps
  • priosys accelerates leadership effectiveness
  • priosys strengthens teams
  • priosys transcends culture and language (currently in 55 countries in 18 languages)
  • priosys is easy to learn and hard to forget
  • priosys is traction
  • priosys enables success

Neil Cerbone
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Creator & Founder

Investment & return

priosys’ easy-to-use platform is hard to forget and comes with a suite of tools to navigate today’s team based dialogues.

A Guided Program to Build Skills

INTRO TO priosys

Explore the basic principles of priosys and how and why it works.


Recognize the people around you in a new way to appreciate their priorities.


Navigate through the comfort zones other than your own.

Tools to help you navigate


It’s about you. What priority system are you: blue, red, yellow, or green?


It’s about others. What is their comfort zone? How can you better dialogue?


It’s about the moment. Knowing what is around you helps you stay the course.

read. learn. change.

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